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You're less than ‚ā¨1 away from your next follower.

Skip a coffee and get a potential customer

Hello ūüĎč

‚ö†ÔłŹ Due to the high demand for our products, we won't ‚Äčbe able to show you a beautiful website with nice ‚Äčanimations, but this quick website (which also does ‚Äčthe job well !).

At the moment, we're 100% focused on our client's ‚Äčgrowth. That's why we haven't had time to recruit for ‚Äčour communications (website, logo...).

Yes, it may seem unprofessional at first glance, but I'm ‚Äčsure you'd rather pay for better service than pay to see ‚Äča nice website (while you wait for your results). In any ‚Äčcase, that's what we've decided to do in anticipation of ‚Äčfuture recruitment.

ūüďą Quality of our services and results > a ‚ú® fancy ‚Äč‚ú® website

Cheers, Team

Is it you?

  • you post content every week to ‚Äčdevelop your brand and, hopefully, ‚Äčget potential customers
  • you've already invested time and ‚Äčmoney... but the results aren't up to ‚Äčscratch
  • you don't have the time to spend on ‚Äčit any more than you do now
  • you want sustainable growth every ‚Äčmonth
  • you don't want your competitors to ‚Äčtake over your niche's market share ‚Äčon Instagram.

The problem: nobody ever taught us ‚Äčhow to grow on Instagram.

The good news is that this problem can ‚Äčbe solved quite easily with MySocialUp.

What do we do?

Number 1 Photo Frame

We have a huge network of ‚Äčaccounts, ready to get configured ‚Äčto suit your company image.

Our accounts configured in your company‚Äôs colors ‚Äčare like, your sales representatives on Instagram

Number 2 Photo Frame

Our network of accounts will ‚Äčinteract with targeted followers to ‚Äčget a curiosity visit in return

Yes, we can do that on the followers of your ‚Äčcompetitors accounts.

Phone Case Illustration
Buildable Instagram UI Liked Notification Icon
Buildable Instagram UI Comment Notification Icon
Buildable Instagram UI Liked Notification Icon
Buildable Instagram UI Followed Notification Icon
Number 3 Photo Frame

The network's accounts profile ‚Äčbeing configured as a portal to ‚Äčyour company, the targeted ‚Äčcurious will be redirected to your ‚Äčcompany profile

And yes, that's probably how you got here.

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Buildable Instagram UI Followed Notification Icon


Hyper-targeted followers

already fans of your niche

Your company profile

We can redirect thousands of fans of your niche to ‚Äčyour account. And this, every day.

A picture is worth a ‚Äčthousand words


1. We extract their ‚Äčfollowers

Followers list.xls

2. Our network of ‚Äčaccounts interacts ‚Äčwith them

3. Followers ‚Äčvisit in return


4. Leads are redirected to ‚Äčyour company



The results you ‚Äčcan expect

This offer has been designed with 5 ‚Äčmajor advantages in mind:

  • you become an authority in your ‚Äčniche industry
  • you get autopilot sales every month ‚Äčthanks to Instagram traffic
  • you'll spend as little time as possible ‚Äčtrying to find new customers
  • you'll be able to focus on the activity ‚Äčthat brings you the most value
  • create your audience once and ‚Äčmonetize it for years to come

Our results are ‚Äčtransparent

For each new follower, we know when ‚Äčwe interacted with them, how, by what ‚Äčmeans and to which niche account they ‚Äčwere following. We can therefore trace ‚Äčthe origin of each of your new follower ‚Äčto determine whether or not their ‚Äčfollowing came from our action.

Each month, you'll receive a report on ‚Äčour service, including :

  • a list of your new followers
  • the account from which they came
  • the number of new followers coming ‚Äčfrom MySocialUp or your content


Your content

Our guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: If you don't get ‚Äčat least 1,000 potential customers who ‚Äčare already fans of your niche, have ‚Äčbuying power and without needing to ‚Äčspend any more time on Instagram ‚Äčwithin 30 days...

  • we work for free until we do
  • we get you 500 extra followers at ‚Äčno extra cost

We believe so strongly in our service ‚Äčthat we're willing to offer you such ‚Äčguarantees.

Either it works in 30 days, or it works in a ‚Äčlittle over 30 days and you get a free ‚Äčbonus for the delay.

What we need to ‚Äčwork with you

To ensure a high quality of service with ‚Äčall the people we work with, we choose ‚Äčour customers carefully. So here are the ‚Äčminimum requirements for working with ‚Äčus:

  • Audience: at least 1000 followers on ‚ÄčInstagram
  • Understanding your targeting: you ‚Äčneed to give us a list of 5 to 10 ‚ÄčInstagram accounts that interest ‚Äčyour audience (competitors, pages ‚Äčon the theme of your niche)
  • Your communication media: send us ‚Äčyour logo and 5 to 10 photos of your ‚Äčproducts, team photos, premises...

What you get from ‚Äčworking with MySocialUp

A minimum of 1,000 potential ‚Äčcustomers, already fans of your niche, ‚Äčwith purchasing power, and guaranteed ‚Äčin 30 days, without needing to spend ‚Äčmore time to Instagram

+ Marketing analysis: detailed strategic advice specific to ‚Äčthe organic growth of your company's social networks - ‚ÄčUnique content not available elsewhere

+ Measurability guarantee: send a promotional ‚Äčcode to each new follower to measure the impact ‚Äčof your followers on your sales.

+ Speed guarantee: first results within 5 days

+ Security guarantee: no need for access, guaranteed ‚Äčno automation or banning of your account

+ Guaranteed analysis and transparency: monthly ‚Äčreport with the origin of your followers each month

+ Peace-of-mind guarantee: subscription cancellable at ‚Äčany time

+ Performance guarantee: we work for free until you ‚Äčreach 1,000 targeted followers + you get an additional ‚Äč500 targeted followers at no extra charge if we don't ‚Äčachieve this within 30 days.

Launching offer:

-$499 off

Minimum 1000 potential ‚Äčcustomers, already fans of your ‚Äčniche, with purchasing power, and ‚Äčguaranteed in 30 days, without ‚Äčneeding to spend more time to ‚ÄčInstagram: $1486

+ FREE (worth $449) : Marketing analysis - ‚ÄčDetailed and specific strategic advice

+ FREE (worth $249): Measurability guarantee - ‚ÄčSend promo code

+ FREE (worth $149): Speed guarantee - Results ‚Äčin less than 5 days

+ FREE (worth $99): Security guarantee - No ‚Äčpasswords, no automation and no banning

+ FREE (worth $74): Analysis and transparency ‚Äčguarantee - Report with origin of each new ‚Äčfollowers

+ FREE: Performance guarantee - 1000 targeted ‚Äčfollowers guaranteed + 500 additional followers if ‚Äčwe don't achieve this within 30 days

+ FREE: Peace of mind guarantee - Cancellation at ‚Äčany time

$2 019


- $533 value offered

- $499 launching offer

= $987

You're less than $1 away ‚Äčfrom your next follower.

Skip a coffee and get a ‚Äčpotential customer

$2 019

per months


per weeks

‚úď 1000 targeted followers, ‚Äčalready fans of your niche and ‚Äčwith buying power


$5 197

one-time fee

‚úď 90 days of unlimited one-on-‚Äčone advice from MySocialUp ‚Äčteam

‚úď 1000 targeted followers


1 place available this month, $499 discount until 31/12


Why are you obsessed with traffic quality ‚Äčand quantity?

Right now, all your marketing efforts are ‚Äčaimed at converting prospects into ‚Äčcustomers. A simple increase in the quality ‚Äčand quantity of traffic, which is at the ‚Äčbeginning of the funnel, increases the ROI of ‚ÄčALL your marketing work

I don't have quality content, will this work ‚Äčfor me?

No. This offer is for businesses with quality ‚Äčcontent on Instagram. If you don't have ‚Äčquality content, no visits will convert to ‚Äčfollowers.

What do I have to do once I'm working ‚Äčwith MySocialUp?

All you have to do is post quality content on ‚ÄčInstagram, and we'll take care of the rest.

How long does it take to get results?

First results in 5 days maximum (set-up ‚Äčtime)

How much does it cost?

While other growth companies on ‚ÄčInstagram cost over $2,000/month for ‚Äč1,000 followers, (we've even seen some ‚Äčreach $5,000), we charge just ‚ā¨987 ‚Äč(launching offer) with no commitment and ‚Äčno ongoing costs.

For most ecommerce customers, more than ‚Äč95% of your new followers would have to ‚Äčbe non-customers to cover the cost of the ‚Äčservice. Think of the time and money you'd ‚Äčsave if more visitors became customers. You ‚Äčcould then concentrate on growing your ‚Äčbusiness and improving your products.

One last thing

We strictly limit our number of ‚Äčcustomers to preserve the quality of our ‚Äčservices, guarantee a personalized ‚Äčexperience and high-quality follow-up.

We refuse to compromise our ‚Äčcommitment to our existing customers by ‚Äčaccepting an excessive volume of ‚Äčrequests.

For this month, we therefore have only ‚Äč1 new place available

1 place available this month, $499 discount until 31/12